Saturday, June 9, 2012


On my flight out to California last week, I was sandwiched between two interesting seatmates:

On my right, there was the dread-locked fellow who was out like a light until he suddenly lurched awake out of a dead sleep, smacking me with his flailing arm.  Other than that, he seemed lovely. 

Oddly enough, I felt less uncomfortable sitting next to him than my other seatmate. 

Because on my left was a college-age girl who, although at no point in the flight did she smack me, was reading "Fifty Shades of Grey."  


I'll be honest--I was more than a little uncomfortable sitting next to someone who was chapter-by-chapter devouring what has been called "Mommy Porn," and was probably sexually aroused throughout a good portion of the five-hour flight.  I know I'd be seriously uncomfortable sitting next to a man reading a Playboy, but you know what?  A lady reading "Fifty Shades" right next to me kind of seemed like the same thing!

Granted, I haven't read the book.  I get that.  I just think that, as either men OR women, we need to be very careful of anything that stirs up any desire in us that cannot be fulfilled within marriage. Within the safety of God's parameters, we're not kept from anything as much as we're kept FOR something.  Something so much greater...


* For a noteworthy word on the matter, check out Ashley's post:  Why I'm NOT Reading Fifty Shades of Grey over at Embracing Beauty.


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  1. Yeah, I'm struggling with this. Not in an inappropriate way or anything, but there are certain things that my marriage will never fulfill that I wish I could stop wanting. Like... I would love to have a husband who enjoys reading. I find that men who read are sexy because they yearn for knowledge and new perspectives and "readers are leaders," and that is just. not. my husband. If I let it get under my skin and expect him to be something he's not, it just makes me feel so unsettled. It's something I've been working on these days-- loving him for what he offers me instead of resenting him for what he doesn't. I can only imagine that kind of sexual desire would only intensify these smaller feelings that I'm having, which seem minuscule and VERY SHALLOW (I realize this) in comparison.

    Interesting thoughts, Thea, as always.