This blog was formerly “A Passion to Speak His Truth,” because I love communicating the collision between everyday life and the truth in God’s Word.  It can be easy to miss connections between what’s in Scripture and the seemingly unspectacular stuff of our lives.  But His glory is on display for us to see, and it’s in the moments of folding laundry and coaching soccer and running meetings.  His truth couldn’t possibly be more relevant to your life or mine.


 "Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts."
Isaiah 26:8
Currently a southern girl with my heart forever stuck in California.  Love to cook, but loathe doing the dishes afterward.  I take a ridiculous number of pictures--just ask my very patient family. Comedy over drama any day of the week.  Coffee with a ton of cream and sugar, please!  I have been pulled from the pit and am standing on a firm place, singing the new song He put in my mouth (Psalm 40).  I have seen the undeniable hand of God on me throughout my life, keeping me for His purposes and marking my life with redemption.