Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today I found myself thinking about those peripheral vision tests the eye doctor always gives. You stared straight ahead, and then there were these tiny flashes of light all around, some right in front of your eyes, and some further out. Some of the flashes were even too far out for your peripheral vision to detect.

But they were there nonetheless.

There are things I see God doing. I recognize answers to prayer. I see His hand moving in circumstances, and I perceive His provision.

But I believe there are things He is up to that are outside my range of sight.

I know there is healing that I can't see.
I know there are reasons to hope that are outside my view.
I know there is future joy that is now hidden.
I know there are glimmers of redemption, but I can't see them.
I know there are flashes of purpose that are now invisible to my eyes.
I know He is drawing beauty out of the ashes, even though it's all happening outside the realm of what I can see.

I really needed this reminder today that there are things happening outside of what I am able to see. Because not seeing them is tough! They aren't in plain sight, and are even beyond my peripheral vision. But it doesn't mean they aren't happening. And you and I are called to a certainty of what is unseen.

Father, I am so grateful You're up to our good and Your glory--even when we can't see.

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