Sunday, June 12, 2011


When I post to this blog, I'm hoping you can relate to what you read here. I'm hoping you find a connection between daily life and God's Word. I'm hoping you're encouraged and challenged.

But I don't know who "you" are. I don't even know for sure that there's even a "you" reading this at all! I don't know who ends up at this blog from time to time, or if these words are really even seen.

But that's okay. Yes, I hope there are some "you"s who find yourself here and find yourself blessed for stopping by. I pray for that often. But really, even if they aren't a lot of "you" reading this, I keep on posting for an eventual "you":

My children.

No, they probably won't be heading to this blog to read anytime soon. But I have begun looking into sites that turn blogs into books. Yes, they actually do this! I just heard about this in the past year. And since I have been thinking a lot about how to impart my passion for our God to my children and grandchildren and so on, I think a great way to do so would be to share these stories, these struggles, and these victories I've written over the past 2 years.

My friend Denise shared with me a few months back something that resonated with me. She said that when she writes, she writes out of obedience to the Holy Spirit as He leads her to do so. Maybe that word is for someone reading that day or that week, but it just might be that that word is for her children or her children's children to read one day. I wanted to yell, "YES!" when she said these words. I understood her heart in this. I really share her heart in this.

And so I've been thinking that a blog-book would be a way to pass down all these truths that the LORD had pressed into my heart during the time I've had this blog. Ideally I want one for each of my kids to be able to keep, and eventually pass on. It's not that I think that what I have to say is so riveting, but I believe God's Word and faithfulness ARE riveting. And I want them to have a testament to God's faithfulness in the life of our family.

I wanted to pass along this info in case this interests anyone else. Maybe you have a family blog or something of which you'd really like to have a hard copy to keep. I have heard that makes a great blog-book. I can't personally attest to the quality of their work but I have a friend who loves the one her mom made for her last Christmas. When I do get around to making one eventually, I'll let you know what I think!

Hope "you" have a blessed week!


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  1. I love your blog, and it gives me ideas for starting one as a grandmother. Families are so spread out now that we don't sit around and talk as we did a generation ago. I want to pass along God's faithfulness too. I may follow you for a while to get my confidence level up. I love writing, I'm just not sure I want my heart and soul out there. Thanks for some ideas. Blessings, MaeMae