Thursday, July 7, 2011


We took the training wheels off my son's bike recently, and he was loving being able to ride on his own. But a few days after his triumphant, training-wheels-free first ride, I found him riding around the driveway on his old tricycle. I told him I'd get out his big bike for him, but he declined. "This one is just easier for me."

Well, sure it is. But it's not exactly fitting for a 5-year old to be scooting around on a tricycle when he is more than able to zoom around on his big bike.

Oh, riding his big boy bike will mean falls and scrapes now and then. But it will mean freedom, too.

How we love our safety and comfort and ease, don't we? We love hearing stories of others living their lives with abandon, fully surrendered to the twists-and-turns path of the call of God. We see them zipping around with the wind in their hair while we dare not pick up enough speed for things to get precarious in our own lives.

And we really miss out.

Some of us need to get off our tricycles. Sure, it's safer. Yes, it's easier. And to get on the big bike may mean bumps and bruises that we wouldn't get riding on the tricycle. But to live in abandon to the call of God is to experience unmatched exhilaration.

Please, please take 3 minutes to watch this funny but powerful clip by Francis Chan. I see myself in this a little bit. You'll laugh, but you'll probably see yourself in this, too.
* Fast forward to 55 seconds in and start watching from that point.

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  1. Such a good wake up call! We just changed Ava's bed from a crib to a toddler bed. She was so excited at first, but tonight she was crying to have her crib back again. I was so confused and annoyed at why she would 'regress', but after reading this, I see how often I do the exact same thing. Thank you for the challenge for me to open my eyes and see where God is calling me to step out in faith.