Sunday, August 7, 2011


My dad is a published author. I'm glad at least one of us is!

He was one of the contributors on a book called "It All Changed in an Instant," a book all about "six word memoirs." Basically, people sent in their six words that most succinctly summed up their lives, or a major part of it. And they had to encapsulate their experiences in no more than six words:

"Found tumor. Removed kidney. Turned four."

"Unplanned, but perfect: Heather, Hannah, Haley."

"Hated seventh grade. Now teaching it."

"The Fruit Loop among the Cheerios."

"Dealt bad cards. Played them well."

"Goth girl. White dog. Lint roller."

"Learned more from poverty than wealth."

"I saw the Red Sox win."

"Wish I could bubblewrap my son."

"Author of so many unwritten books."

"I'm more Clark Kent than Superman." *That one's my dad's. :)

So if you only had six words, what would yours say?

"Found a husband 3,000 miles away."

"Childhood full of love and laughter."

"Still get giggles with best friend."

"Lost a son. Gained a daughter."

"Almost wrecked my life. BUT GOD."

"My life is marked with redemption."

"Justin. Trev. Ailey. Each worth wait."

"Want to make much of God."

Your turn. You've got six words. Go!

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