Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things Are Moving Along...

Next month is the conference--I can hardly believe it! I think I've settled on my 3-minute testimony topic, as well as my 5-minute Biblical teaching topic. I worked as an AP proctor last month and had some time to write, and I can't even tell you how the Lord revealed things to me. I'm talking rapid fire! My 3-minute testimony focuses on the time in my life when the Lord kept speaking to my heart that He wanted me, even though I flat-out told Him I'd be happy to let Him have my life after pursuing other things. The 5-minute teaching is all about oil and flour, fish and loaves. God's providence. The way He meets our needs according to His resources and riches.

And then there's the podcast team. Just thinking about all of it brings a smile to my face! We hope to record the podcasts soon, and have them up and running. Those podcasts too were revealed to me and then written while proctoring. Rapid fire--I'm telling you!!! The two other women on the podcast team are amazing, and I feel like I'm learning a lot from them.

I added an advanced marketing seminar portion to my conference registration (which added on an additional $235 to the bill). I think it will really be an outstanding seminar, and will really give me some direction in going forward.

All for now! Please keep praying with me as this all comes together. God is good!

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