Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Last-Minute Change

7 Days until "She Speaks." That's all.

And to my great fear, I very recently realized that my testimony needed "tweaking."


I was a bit nervous about having upheaval in the works with so little time left until the conference. After all, whatever I stand up to say in one week has got to be familiar to me. But I was actually excited, more than anything--expectant of what the Lord still had to reveal to me.

And He did.

He gave me the ending phrase to my testimony just as clear as a bell. And the rest came together over the next two days. Phew! And now that's a truth--or should I say a TREASURE--from Him that I will always have!

I'll post my two teachings just before leaving for the conference. Which is SOON (6 days)!!

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