Friday, October 9, 2009

A Covering Over Our Home

Long story short, our little mini-flood required a bathroom re-paint. So as I went along, I painted Scripture references on the wall. I really love having the Word of God around our home. I'm not superstitious, but when we were house-hunting, any sort of idol in a home was a deal-breaker. And on the contrary, I felt such a peace in this one home--this itty bitty, otherwise unimpressive home--but then I saw that the Word of God was tucked away all around the house. That didn't end up being THE home for us, but the one that was, I want to fill with truth.

I want His Word in our home, around our home, being read and spoken and LIVED in our home.

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  1. when we built our home we had a bunch of friends over for a graffiti night. we graffitied the house in scripture, hymns, and praise songs.

    on one wall, i wrote "worship the Lord with gladness. home of our future piano."

    we didn't have a piano, but i had ALWAYS wanted one.

    some time later and 2 weeks after we moved in a ladie i was acquainted with called me- "denise, i have this piano, i was going to sell it, but then you came to mind, and if you want it you can have it!"

    that (refinished) piano now resides on that very wall!

    the thing is is that that was the only prayer request i had that was tangible, but God said to me through that I am going to fullfill all the other requests/prayers written on these walls.