Monday, February 21, 2011

It is 3:39am and I am emotionally writhing at the thought that a very precious family is soaking up what are quite possibly their final hours/days with their almost-six-year-old daughter.

It's unfathomable!! I am pleading with you to pray for the Fredeen family. Please!!! Please flood the feet of our God with requests for a miracle for little Nina, for strength and peace for her parents, Todd and Rosy, and for an extra measure of mercies for Nina's 8-year old brother Teddy. I find myself wanting to scream out prayers for them, because I can't imagine not suffocating under the grief that they are experiencing!!

Nina was five and a half when she was diagnosed, and her birthday is on Tuesday. So it's been right at 6 months now since her diagnosis, and an extra few weeks since her symptoms were evident. Can you imagine? I have a child who is at almost that exact age when Nina's symptoms began--give or take 3 weeks. And the thought that you might only have like 3 weeks more of "normal"--three weeks more before you'd begin to see the evidence of your life heading toward devastation? Makes me want to just scream!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet there's a family that isn't simply shuddering at the thought. They are living it. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

If you will hold the Fredeens up in prayer, if you really will call out on their behalf, then feel free to visit their site for updates. But, and I am trying to say this as gently as possible--if you have no intention of truly praying for them, please don't even bother. Their blog doesn't need a bunch of looky-loos gawking at their pain. This is very real, they are a very dear family, and their suffering is very horrific. But I hope you will pray for this sweet family. Here is their site. It is fittingly named "Praying for Nina."

LORD God, You are good!!! I find it necessary to declare that truth, that firm foundation when this just doesn't make sense. Be glorified, LORD. Be glorified in life, be glorified in loss. Hold this family close--they need You!

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