Saturday, February 19, 2011


A friend recently posed the question--"How do you even know when God is speaking?"
And another friend who was with us replied, "Things often repeat." And I very much agree.

A sermon will tie in with a interview we hear, which will tie in with someone's Facebook status that they didn't even realize would be the one thing someone needed to hear. And then maybe we'll overhear someone mention something, and it will all tie in with Scripture that nearly leapt off the page and imprinted itself into our heart.

And so based on this kind of thing, I believe God has been speaking about


The refreshment of dry ground.

Stillness and simplicity.

Ministering to victims of injustice--primarily human trafficking.

Family as one's primary ministry.

Heart issues. Blamelessness and uprightness all the way to the core.

Because these things are showing up ev-er-y-where. These are my recurring themes.

What are yours?

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