Thursday, April 14, 2011


Have you ever needed someone's memory to be jogged a little?

A few years ago I was told I would have an opportunity that almost made me fall out of my chair. I was thrilled and elated and excited and thrilled some more!

Aaaaaand then the person forgot they'd said I could have the opportunity.

About a year went by, and the opportunity date began to creep nearer and nearer. I prayed and wondered if I should ask about it, or just keep quiet.

"Keep quiet," it seemed the Holy Spirit kept saying.

And so I did.

And then my phone rang. I was, once again, offered this opportunity. The person hadn't remembered that they'd already offered it, but the LORD had put my name on that person's heart and on another person's heart to be the one to do this. And I rejoiced that even if a memory had failed, God had put my name on the heart of the ones who could grant me the opportunity.

He remembered.

I think of Joseph and Mordecai in Scripture. Joseph was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, and helped a fellow inmate interpret a dream.

"I'm going to remember you!" the man said.

Aaaaaaand 2 years (730 days) later, he finally did. Can you imagine? That is just a lot of sunrises and sunsets sitting in a jail cell, hoping someone remembers you. But once he was remembered, he was whisked away to work for Pharaoh, and the insight God gave him helped spare the lives of many--even his own family.

Then there was Mordecai, Esther's cousin. God used him to foil an assassination attempt against King Xerxes. And, rightfully so, the King intended to do something to acknowledge the man who had saved his life!

Aaaaand then he forgot. It wasn't until much later on a sleepless night when King Xerxes was having the daily logs read to him that he was reminded--he never did anything to honor Mordecai. Then came a parade of honor for Mordecai, a reversal of destiny, and the eventual position as the king's right hand man.

Sometimes it's hard when you feel like everything hinges on someone else's memory. But we do not trust in anything but the name of the LORD our God. Not even in someone else's ability to recall. At times it seems that our fate lies on this very thing, but neither your life nor my life hangs on memory. Our lives are safe in the hands of the One who said,

"Can a mother forget the baby nursing at her breast

and have no compassion on the child she has borne?

Though she may forget,

I will not forget you!

See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands;

Your walls are ever before me."

Isaiah 49:15-16

LORD, we are just so grateful that YOU remember. And for anyone who needs a measure of remembrance, please grant it. Please jog the memories of those who need to remember something---someone. Thank You for Your love and faithfulness.

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