Friday, April 8, 2011


I love the ocean. I love that even though crowds of beach-goers spend their day digging into the sand, at the end of the day the tide rolls in and the waves make all the digs of the day disappear--and the beach looks perfect. Absolutely pristine. I think of all the sinning and the stupid-ing I've done in my life. Okay, forget "in my life" -- More like "today." Or "this month." Or "this year." I think of all my selfish ways and my failures. Each one has been like a dig in the sand that I can't completely smooth over. And I think of the digs of which I have been innocent--the hurts inflicted on my heart and soul. The empty places caused by others that have left a lasting mark. But I rejoice--because at the end of my life when I stand before my God, He will behold one who is pristine. Christ's death and resurrection made it so. He will look upon a girl made flawless through sacrificial love. Pristine. Hallelujah.

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