Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last night I had the worst headache of my life.

It started when we were at my son's soccer awards ceremony, and by the time we were driving home, it had begun to hurt in an overwhelming way. I even asked my husband to pull over at a friend's house for some medicine, because I needed some relief, and I couldn't imagine waiting the 10 extra minutes to our house. I was writhing in pain in the last minutes of our car ride home.

I went straight upstairs, shut off all lights and got into bed, nauseated and nearly undone by the alarming pain I was experiencing. My kids came into the room and put their tiny hands on my aching head and then they each prayed for me. And as soon as my second child said "Amen," I felt the pain stop.

I mean, CEASE.

It wasn't at all like the gradual relief that comes with popping a couple of Tylenol; The overwhelming pain came to a sudden, screeching halt. It made me think of Jesus speaking to those strong, unruly waves and wind and saying "BE STILL!"--and the storm coming to an abrupt end at the sound of His voice.

My kids kissed me, called "Night, Mommy!" over their shoulders, and ran down the hall while I lay there in shock. I started praying to thank God for His healing, and for hearing their requests for my healing.

A few minutes later, they ran back in to check on me and give me more kisses. I told them that God had heard their prayers, and answered them with healing. My tiny daughter's eyes widened and she said, "We made Mommy all better!" I stopped her and said, "No--the LORD healed Mommy. But you two asked Him to."

I cupped their faces in my hands and said to each of them, "There is power in your prayers. Don't forget to pray all throughout your life." One probably won't remember it, but I'll keep saying it to her until she does. The other probably will remember it, and I pray this truth will shape his life. I pray their lives will be marked by prayer!

But I pray that when He answers their prayers in the way they hope, they will acknowledge Him as the One who did it all. They'll know they asked Him to, and that the God who made the sun, moon, and stars also heard their requests--but they'll know with even greater conviction that He is the One who brought about every answer.


  1. very powerful! what a wonderful way God shows Himself in young children. =)

  2. "it's not a tumah" -Arnold Schwartzeneger

  3. first, jeff! so funny.

    yes, how precious that your children pray for you and that God displays His power in them.

    yes, may they always know He is to be praised.

    wish i'd learned that lesson early on. ah well, now i praise him for grace!