Saturday, July 14, 2012


Sure, I'm a girl who's all about organic yogurt, cage free eggs, sprouted grain bread, and spinach smoothies.  But MAN, do I love a good McDonald's french fry!

On the rare occasion I do get them, though, I never eat them all. I always leave a few behind.

Some of them are unworthy. 

You know the soft, wonderful fries?  Totally worth the occasional splurge.  But those crunchy, pointy-edged ones?  They're not worthy of the amount of the calories they'll take up from my daily allotment. I mean, really--I only get so many calories a day.  Girl can't waste those things on unworthy fries!

In the same way, I also feel a sense of accountability for the ways I spend my life.  And the God-given gift of conviction comes when I choose to spend my time in unworthy ways.

All too often I use up a whole precious hour watching some show I don't even care about.

Other times I pay for an hour doing random stuff online with the very 60 minutes I could have spent with my family.

And too often I let really unworthy things consume my daily allotment of time that was given to me so that I could be busy about things that are lasting. 

I really don't want to live an "Unworthy Fries" kind of life.  I have an allotment of time--determined by God and unknown by me--and I want to make it count.  

What most threatens your time?  What are the unworthy things that contend for a spot in your day?  And what worthy things don't get to be in the mix because of the unworthy things that have consumed that time?

LORD God, Your Word says our lives are just a vapor--here today, gone tomorrow.  Let Your Holy Spirit lovingly convict us when we fritter away our days with unworthy things.  Point out to us the specific things that are using up our allotment of time unwisely. You say the days are evil...drenched with opportunities to drift, and we don't want that. We want to live to bring You glory.  We are here for YOU! -- This abundant life is not for our own pleasures and comforts, although You are gracious to provide those things when You do.  Remind us right now that TODAY is one of our numbered days.  This day isn't practice for the next thing we await--today IS the thing.  Keep us faithful, obedient, and pure.  Keep us considerate of the worthiness of the things that are eating up our days.  We love You and want to honor You with our time! 

Be very careful how you live--
not as unwise but as wise, 
making the most of every opportunity,
because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15-16



  1. Let's share...I love the crunchy fries! :)

    1. Ha! Sounds like a plan--maybe then I'd actually finish a box of fries! :)

  2. Hey you should put your redefining sexy post back up! I know it's probably controversial but who cares! It's what people need to hear! People don't like to be convicted and fight that hard, but we've tried to make things like that the norm and they are not! Thought there were some great thoughts in the post!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I actually had changed it to a draft a few days ago and forgot to re-publish, but it's back up now. :) I appreciate the feedback!

  3. love this post! I may be sharing it with my Worship Team for devotions today! :)