Thursday, July 5, 2012



1. Sometimes you have to put the camera down.  Yesterday I was so intent on capturing special moments of our family watching the fireworks that I was actually MISSING the very moments I was trying to capture.  I set the camera down, snuggled up with the little one on my lap, and realized there was no way I was going to need a photograph to remember those moments.  Father, help me to savor--rather than just try to save--these moments.

2. Auto-correct was created to make life funny--I'm convinced of it!  I had my parents very confused and thinking I'd run off to the northwest when I texted "Today has been so restful" and my phone corrected "Today" as "Idaho."

3. Perspective matters. Our water heater broke recently, and we had no hot water for nearly a week. But we were mindful that we were blessed to still GET TO take cold showers. And we were thankful this happened in June, not January!

4. Circumstances can shout whatever they wish at us. But confidence in Almighty God is never, never, NEVER misplaced.

5. You'll have already pulled two-thirds of your hair through the highlighting cap when the plastic hair hook snaps in two. That's how that timing will go!  :D

6. Life is hard.   But the hardest things and the longest nights stir up in us a very appropriate hunger for Heaven.

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