Saturday, August 4, 2012


Are you honest?  And not just about the big stuff, but in the little things?

A few days ago I was at the grocery store and they failed to ring up not one, but TWO of my items.  My total seemed a bit low, but I assumed it was because of coupons and sale prices.

I was all the way out to my car before I realized I'd indeed been undercharged.  

I knew if I got into my car and left, I would sidestep the inconvenience of walking back into the store and getting things squared away at customer service.  Not to mention I'd be paying for two items that sat in my trunk even though I hadn't had to pay a dime for either.

No matter the inconvenience or expense.  I went into the store and paid the $3.74 for the two items.  In that moment there was just something in me that felt if I can justify being dishonest in the small things, it just becomes too easy to be dishonest in the big things.  

Now, before I have you thinking I deserve some medal for honesty, I have a confession to make.  Earlier that very same day I did something dishonest.

I didn't order a soda of my own at lunch, but I ended up feeling thirsty and shared a refillable soda with my husband.  

It know it wasn't some elaborate scheme I'd been plotting for weeks--I just ended up drinking some soda for which I really didn't pay.  And I know the soda police didn't show up and cart me off to jail or anything, but that's beside the point.  

It comes down to this:  I want to be honest--not just "honest enough."  I want to be truthful through and through, maintaining integrity even when it costs or inconveniences me.

It's why we report ALL of my income, even when I'm paid in cash. 

It's why I am mindful not to even bend the truth.  Not even a little.

It's why I walked back into that store to pay for those two items.   
And I want to do it in the small things.

Because all the small things are just practice for the big things.

God, let Your Holy Spirit prick our hearts when we aren't doing what is right--even if it's small, even if it'll probably go unnoticed.  Our HEARTS are at stake here.  We want to stand blameless and upright before you.  


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  2. That's awesome Thea. I love when people are that honest - to the point of sacrifice. Mind you it was a small inconvenience of time and energy and it was the cashier's mistake - not yours, but it was a sacrifice nonetheless.

    I'm delivering pizzas right now part-time while I'm between jobs and starting a business and I pulled out the wrong receipt for my customer the other day. The total on the receipt was much smaller than what he actually owed. He kind of made a funny face, but I didn't pick up on it at first and then he said that's a really great deal, but I don't think that's right. I took a second look and realized my mistake.

    That kind of honesty makes me want to drop everything I'm doing and hug the person and get to know them better. Why? I guess it's because I know I can trust him. And that's something I'm drawn to.

    That mistake would have come out of my earnings by the way.

    Keep being the right kind of example.