Monday, October 1, 2012


Finding yourself broken over what is or what is not?  Really, it's not necessarily a bad thing.  

Oh, it feels bad.  Crappy, even.  It rubs at our hearts until we're raw.  But these thorns in your flesh and mine can be the very things that drive us to do something about them.

Don't dismiss your brokenness.  It can be a beautiful catalyst.

Is there something that annoys you, frustrates you, angers you, keeps you up at night about the way things are...or aren't?  Is there a holy unrest gnawing away at you, refusing to be ignored?

Congratulations.  You're blessed.  

The blessed unrest is a gift, in spite of the way it seems to grate on your soul.  It hardly seems a benefit when it drives you to your knees.

But there--in our face-down state--there is an awareness that the God of all creation is calling you to right a wrong--to be in on righting something that coincidentally happens to be breaking His heart, too.  

I have wrestled with these broken-hearted questions of my own:

Why don't Christ-followers love the Word--I mean, really hunger for it?  Why isn't it a priority even for those who love God and want to walk in His ways?  Why does it seem so hard to consistently be in the Word?  And if we believe what it says, then how can we manage to go sun-up to sun-down without prioritizing any of "our" time to read the thing?

And why does the term "Bible conference" bring up images of an old-school, Gaither-gathering snoozefest? Who on earth is going to do something fresh?

No idea why He called such a broken, jacked-up individual, but He did.  The odd answer, I suppose, is me.  

I am.  By the grace of God alone, I am doing a new thing.

GodBreathed was born of a blessed unrest.  And what started as frustration has grown into a Word and worship experience that is happening in 5 days in Atlanta. 

What will spring forth from YOUR frustrations?  What might YOU be called to do?  What wrong may God be putting on your heart to right--right now?  

Please don't excuse the holy unrest.  

Consider how God might be poised and ready to bless the ever-loving heck out of you and the rest of the world through it.  

Thanks to Ben Arment, my Dream Year coach who taught me that frustration shapes a dream, to my family for encouraging me to walk in the calling God had in mind, and for the rest of the Dream Year 2012 team for constantly inspiring me to live wide awake to the stuff of God. 


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