Friday, April 17, 2009


I am so excited--I've gotten all $550 for the conference! It took less than 2 weeks--I'm blown away!!! Any little extra bit that comes in will just go toward gas money for the trip at this point. North Carolina or Bust!

In a few days I'll have a meeting with some women about possibly doing some podcasts--still praying! So far it seems God has been bringing so many things together.

I am also so grateful for the way He is bringing to my mind so many things that are potential speaking topics. It just seems I'm constantly grabbing a pencil and paper to jot things down these days, and I believe these little stories or experiences are piecing together to be words spoken in His name.

We're coming to the last weeks of Believing God. I wasn't sure how I ended up choosing this study, because I didn't necessarily feel a super strong leading to do this one in particular--I just kind of ended up there. But I know this was right where I was meant to be. I've seen over the past few weeks so many powerful connections between faith and words.

Psalm 81:10: "I am the Lord who brought you to your promised land. Open your mouth and I will fill it!"

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