Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's This For?

Exodus 17. I've read it many a time--it's always been a fave. But this time through reading it with our small group a few weeks back, I saw the passage with new eyes, and it has really been life-changing. And THEN in the weeks since, the Lord has been adding to it and unpacking that passage more and more, and really, really shedding some light on some things.

Sorry to be vague. It's just that I don't yet know what this is all about, and I need to pray it through. But it seems that there just may be a time to get very UN-vague about this.

Can I just say that my God really just blows me away? He WANTS to make mysteries known to us, I am believing that more and more as I meet with Him daily. He is faithful to illuminate things in our hearts and connect the dots in the coolest ways!

Praying He will provide the opportunity of His choosing--a time to be un-vague. :)

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  1. One of my favorite commentators is Matthew Henry (late 1600s). Here is a link to his comments on Exodus 17. Just in case you're reading commentaries on that passage and haven't read his. =)