Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And Like a Flood...

On Sunday, September 21st we sang these words in church:

"And like a flood, His mercy rains--unending love, amazing grace."

I was standing there singing these words and thought of how a severe flood requires the old to go and the new to come. New carpet, new drywall, sometimes new everything. And it struck me that HIS MERCY has the same effect on us--in light of His incomprehensible mercy, the old has to go and the new comes in.

It poured that day. Seemed just like one REALLY rainy day.

But by the next day there was widespread flooding--roads and schools closed--chaos.

A house across from Trevor's school (right around the corner from us) flooded and caught fire, leaving the family with nothing. So very many people are having to start over from nothing, We were okay--no flooding at our place. We were really grateful, but brokenhearted for those who weren't so fortunate.

Then came Thursday.

That evening we ran a quick errand together as a family--we weren't gone more than 15 minutes. But we returned home to our own mini-flood. Water was rapidly pouring out of the upstairs toilet (the tank had a HUGE crack in it...HUH?!? and it kept filling up and spilling out)--and as quickly as we moved to get all the water up, there were several leak spots all over our ceiling downstairs. We'll likely need to replace the flooring up there, all due to water run amock.

Makes me think of mercy run amock in my life. God's love and grace--they rush in and command a change in me. Selfishness is torn out and replaced with love. My apathetic heart is exchanged for one filled with compassion. His kindness leads me to repentance.

It's all over the news--floods can be utterly devastating in the worst way. But how thankful I am for the flood of His mercy that devastates my purposes and plans and makes a way for His--the rush of His grace that prepares the way for all things new.

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