Monday, June 28, 2010

Leaving the Water Unbroken

During our time in New Hampshire, I was introduced to a really cool insect--the water strider. They look like they're ice skating across the water, because they're so light that they skim across the water, leaving it totally undisturbed. These little creatures never break the surface of the water.
The more I thought about those water striders, the more I realized just how UNLIKE them I want to be (as amazing as they are). I suppose there are people who are content to go through life and come out on the other side having basically been a good person, surrounded by family and friends, maybe even having a comfortable home and an inheritance for their children. Basically an undisturbing life.
Not me.
Oh, it used to be me. And I still have my "water strider moments" when I shrink back in fear. By nature I do NOT like to stir the pot. I relish a simple, quiet life.
And a life of ministry can be messy and challenging. But I'm also finding it to be covered with the grit of God's glory, and -- consequently -- totally worth it.
On the "About Me" section of this blog it says, "We are committed to walking through this life in a way that brings glory to our awesome God, leaving dents in this world on our way home to Heaven." That truly is my passion. And for someone who truly hates to ruffle feathers, when it comes to Kingdom stuff, I am one happy girl when I know I'm "ruffling." THAT is abundant life. I don't want to glide through my time on this earth without disturbing anything. I want the Kingdom of God to be advanced because He was gracious to use me and I was onboard with being used. I want to leave an inheritance of love and faith and trust in a mighty God to my children and to all who come after us, that they may leave dents with their hands as well. Beautiful.
Is this your passion, too? Or has it just been too easy to be a water strider?

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  1. i never looked at the dents that way. leaving dents is unpopular thea. i've left a lot of unpopular dents... but... to God be the glory.

    i've been trying to be a water strider, but i know i'm not. thanks for the permission to be who i've been created to be.