Monday, July 5, 2010

Dependence Day

Yesterday was the 4th of July. And yet I spent the whole day declaring my dependence. I simply found myself telling the Lord--repeatedly--how much I need Him.

I'm not independent. I need my God. As a baby in a womb is totally reliant on the sustenance it receives from its mother through the umbilical cord, I am utterly dependent on Him.

I need His peace in parenting.
I have to have His wisdom in ministry.
I am desperate for His love.
I crave His counsel in my decisions.

It's always the case...but I have just been extra mindful of it lately.

And it seems this awareness is born from need...Even soul-rendering need. Not always a comfortable place to be. But really, what a gift to find yourself in a place where you've run out of yourself...

...and there's nothing left but a declaration of dependence.


  1. Did you happen to read this?

  2. I hadn't read that--powerful! Even for our next breath, we are totally dependent on Him.

  3. as i moved to oakhurst in 93 i asked God to help this independent girl become dependent on him. on july 4th of that summer i began dating michael. i didn't know it but God was teaching me to be dependent on a man (a new concept for me), and from there began learning dependency on my Father. independence day has since been dependence day for me.