Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's here--I can't believe it's here!!!
Tomorrow we'll hit the road, North Carolina-bound. Nearly 600 women will gather to experience GOD. As well as to taste and see what He is up to in the way of unfolding Proverbs 31:26 in each of our lives:

"She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue."

Just like last year, things have come together in a relying-on-God kind of way. While proctoring back in May I wrote both my 3-minute testimony and my 5-minute Biblical teaching, but in each one there was something that just didn't feel like the right phrasing, or something. A few nights ago I finally had to highlight those sections of text on my computer and just PRAY and say, "Okay, Lord. Once again I'm asking for You to provide the words. I am trusting You for what needs to be right here." And a few hours later, He made a way. Just as He always does. What an awesome, awesome God.

Many thanks for the love, prayer, and provision that has paved the way for me to go this year. Please join me in praying over the next few days:

* Pray for safe travel to and from the conference.

* Pray for Justin, Trevor and Aila while I'm away.

* Pray for lots of time to just sit at His feet with no other agenda or request but to know Him and experience Him in a new way.

* Pray for peace during the Speaker Evaluation sessions.

* Pray for my friends Jodi and Rae who will be attending as well, that they may experience His presence in a powerful and peaceful way, and for their families at home as well. Pray for us as a podcast team as we prepare for all that is to come.

* Pray for the seminars and sessions to be used mightily.

* Pray for fun, for laughter, for rest, for renewal!

Back in a few days!

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