Sunday, November 14, 2010


He that keepeth thee will not slumber--
indeed, the Guardian of Israel never rests nor sleeps.
Psalm 121:3-4

At night after my children are asleep, my husband and I slip in to tend to them. We brush the hair off of Ailey's face and give Trev extra smooches. We straighten their blankets and reposition them in the center of their beds so they won't fall out. And we always whisper lovies into their ears.

And they sleep right through it.

I can't help but think of how our God tends to us as we slumber--after all, we know that while we're sleeping, He is still ministering to His children. Our Guardian--the one who keeps us--does not sleep. No nights off. We're out like a light, and He's busy loving on us.

I love that.

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  1. Shared this with my Facebook friends. I *LOVE* how you view your world! <3