Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There are some favors I just can't return.  

Recently a friend with like 5,000 followers on Twitter tweeted, "You need to follow @theanelson - She'll encourage your heart with her insights!" 

I sent out a tweet later that day encouraging my followers--all 192 of them--to follow her.

It felt like an insignificant gesture.  She gave me a shout-out to 5,000.  I gave her a shout-out to 192.

What if I patted myself on the back for my super-generous gesture of putting her name in front of fewer than 200 people?  In light of what she did, my offering was pretty inconsequential.  

But we do that with God.  All. The. Time.

Hey, God--no need to thank me for sending that $20 check to Africa to feed that family that one time.  I know that was pretty big of me.  I know I totally have Your applause over that one.

Hey God, I know I rocked that blog post on forgiveness.  I know I got a big heavenly standing ovation for that one.  I know it was a pretty big gift for You to get from me, and You are welcome, by the way!


We make much of our offerings to a God who has provided every bite we've eaten, every dollar we've earned, every good thing we have, and--most importantly--every ounce of forgiveness we so desperately need.  

If I do a great job as a wife and a mom, it's a comparatively small offering in return.  An appropriate and important offering, but--in comparison--a small one.

If I put on an event that has people worshiping that night and picking up their Bibles the next day, I still haven't done anything greater than has already been done for me.  

Even if I spend a lifetime declaring the goodness of God and making much of Him, it will be a comparatively small response to the One who lost all, that I might have great gain.  

It was said among the nations, 
"The LORD has done great things for them."
The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.  
Psalm 126:2-3



  1. Amen! My heart resonates so well with every one of your blog posts. Thank you!
    Alesha <3

  2. oh, this is so true...
    and I catch myself so many times...looking for the praise...waiting for the applause......and looking for signs.
    was not death, for my sins (and wow, there are so many of them!), on a cross, not enough of a SIGN for me???

    some days, I act as if it is not.

    beautiful blog...found you through the adorable and awesome Denise at Victory Rd...