Monday, April 16, 2012


There are 3 days a year that strike fear in this Mama's heart:

1. Day Three of Christmas Vacation.
2. Day Three of Spring Break.
3. Aaaand Day Three of Summer Vacation.

Why so difficult? Mainly because it's tough on my child. The novelty of *no school* has worn off a bit, and things begin to unravel. He's been used to a certain routine of getting up and heading out to a different world (called Kindergarten) for 8 hours every day, and now he's at home. All day. All the live-long day.

Where his sister takes his stuff.
Where mom tells him to go make his bed.
Where his day isn't quite so ordered.

So the fights happen. My kids are sweet but MAN can they throw down when they get on each others' nerves! You'd think one was a Red Sox fan and the other a Yankees fan (ugh, it hurts just saying it)...

And the rebellion kicks in.

And the house is messier with more people in it.

It's just a tough time of transition. For the kids. And, yes, for Mom and Dad, too.

But within a few days, we've got a new routine going. The fights subside a bit, and we know when it's time to break free from the house and go do something.

And we relish sleeping in late and snuggling together.

And we love going for evening drives as a family.

And after those first few crazy days, we are so glad

so thankful

so delighted

to be together as a family.

Heavenly Father, as the school year is winding down and the end of school approaches, I want to pray specifically for the transition into summer for our family and for the families of these dear readers. It's a challenge to come together when we've been apart--but how sweet it is to have those days of togetherness. Give us an extra measure of grace, patience, and wisdom in knowing how to handle the flare-ups and even the moments of defiance. And let these days with our precious babies be so very sweet. We love You, LORD.

* Do you ever go through the First-Days-of-Break Battles? What's been your favorite way to ease through the transition?


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