Thursday, December 17, 2009

...But I Tried to Warn You

Today Aila was walking around, munching on her favorite snack, a strawberry cereal bar. She kept walking a little too close to our dog Jack, and I could see him eyeballing what she was eating. "Aila, don't go near Jack--he'll take your cereal bar away from you," I warned.

I told her this two more times before--you guessed it--Jack was wolfing down Aila's beloved cereal bar. Aila was heartbroken.

I think the spiritual parallel on this one is pretty clear. How much more does our God try to warn us about the one who seeks to steal from us?

What's that thing that you aren't guarding with nearly enough diligence, in light of the fact that there is one who is out to take the things we value most? How about in light of the deep, unmatched love of a Heavenly Father who sees the unseen?

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