Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little "Seen" and a Lot of "Unseen"

Today Trevor was playing in the front yard and drew my attention to a weed by the tree. "Don't touch that," he warned. "It's thorny!" So I went inside and got something with which to dig up the weed. I kept pulling and pulling and pulling to finally end up with a 2-inch weed with a 77-inch root!!

I just feel like there are so many spiritual connections here:

* Sometimes a thorny weed has far more fueling it than we could ever begin to imagine.

* What is seen (this life and all it encompasses) is so very small compared to what it unseen (eternity). So why on earth do we live life according to 2 measly inches when 77+ await us?

*There are times that the Lord is up to great things--wide, long, high, and deep things rich with His love and His glory. And yet we assume He's up to nothing as we stand there staring at a stump of a weed.

Any others? Post a comment! :)

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