Monday, May 3, 2010


Would I prefer to be self-sufficient? Sometimes, yes.

But I'm not. I am hungry. Desperate. In need. DEPENDENT.

As I walked out the door this morning, I saw three tiny beaks poking up out of the top of the nest on our porch. Mouths wide open, stretching upward to receive sustenance.

That's when the Lord said, "That's you."

And it's true. In a season when I am feeling like I've run out of myself, it's become clear that I am stretching my hands upward, opening all of me to the Source of my life and breath, asking for more of Him. And just like those baby birds, I really get the fact that everything is riding on me getting fed by Him.

Lord, I'm getting glimpses of how utterly dependent I am upon You. We're talking make-or-break. I need You, Lord. Seems like the freedom should be found in not needing anyone, but I'm learning more and more how true freedom dwells in acknowledging just how very much I do need you.

1 comment:

  1. i admire that your neck is stretched and your mouth is open. i'm hungry, but my posture does not reflect that i am ready to be fed.
    must work on that.