Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today I was struck by the sight of a little boy at a birthday party holding a big bowl of ice cream.

And his face wore a big frown.

How can you possibly hold a bowl of ice cream and wear a frown at the same time? I wondered.

"I don't want this bowl, I want another bowl!" he wailed. He was so upset about the ice cream arriving in a way other than he was hoping that he couldn't even get happy about the ice cream that awaited.

All he knew was that it didn't come the way he had hoped. And he couldn't get past it.

Is there some blessing you're having trouble receiving with gratitude, simply because it didn't come in the way you were hoping? Have you found yourself having the audacity to scowl while something sweet is right there in your hands? Has your ungrateful heart nearly refused God's providence and graciousness because it didn't arrive in the right packaging?

1 comment:

  1. nothing ever comes in the way i expect it, but it always comes in his way, and in his time. i'm learning to not hold on so tightly to my own will,and to trust His.