Saturday, September 11, 2010


These are spider eggs. In my house. I find them in these groups of, say, 50 spider eggs. They are tiny, almost imperceptible, but let's be honest--they're pre-spiders. Pre-spiders that are in and around my house.

And so when I see those spider egg clumps, I grab the bug killer and do away with those eggs. Because all the while I'm thinking, "These are Pre-spiders." And it's a lot easier to deal with 50-something tiny, contained, harmless dots than to chase down 50-something spiders inhabiting my home!

What if we could see those seemingly harmless sins in our lives as the PRE-state of where it actually leads?

Harmless habits...or Pre-addictions?
Fun flirtations...or Pre-affairs?
Hurtful words...or Pre-relationship enders?
Meaningless omissions...or Pre-lies?

Nobody "oopsie"s their way into the catastrophic effects of sin. There's a beginning--usually occurring in the mind alone. But what begins as something seemingly imperceptible is a PRE-something. And should we neglect to wipe it out when it's tiny, it will grow to something that can bite and infest.

So that PRE-something you're dealing you plan to wipe it out now?

Or are you going to be chasing a bunch of spiders later?


  1. great post. going after the "pre" in my own life too.

  2. Good words Thea! I think I need to just get rid of the Pre-Me!