Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It was another day that, by the end of the day, nothing would be the same again. And I didn't even know it.

In May 2007 I sat down and journaled these words:

"I am so praying that we'll be pregnant soon. It took so long to happen the second time, and there is no child in our arms after all of that. I just feel so ready for another child. Ever since Trevor was just a few months old, I felt ready for our family to grow again. But now a year and a miscarriage later, we're no closer. But I'm praying that I'll get pregnant in June. I know it can't happen before then, so that is my prayer. We're just ready to be a family of four. LORD, I pray this baby will come in your time, but I pray You'll remember my longing and consider my hope to have children who are close together. I thank you for Trevor and for my son in Heaven as well, and I thank you for my future child. We pray for a healthy baby--a strong heartbeat at every ultrasound, feeling those delightful kicks and squirms signifying life. I want that so much, LORD. I try so hard to be a good mom--you know I want to glorify You in this and have never taken this lightly. I PRAY I'll be healthfully pregnant soon."

I found this journal the other day, and as I glanced at the date I wrote these words, I smiled.

Because that day is the very day I became pregnant.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah to the One who made a way.

Just because I didn't know God was doing something didn't mean He wasn't up to something of great magnificence, that He wasn't actually up to establishing something that would bring Him glory. And just because I thought it couldn't happen before June didn't mean that God wasn't going to make a way for it to be even sooner than I could have imagined.

36 weeks later, after months of hearing her heartbeat and feeling those delightful kicks and squirms signifying life, I held my beautiful one in my arms.
Hallelujah to my Heavenly Father for another day that changed everything.

So if you find yourself wondering when it's going to turn around, consider that our God is not limited by our perceptions of time. Because if you have, as I have, established some window of time before which we assume God cannot work, or after which we assume His activity in our lives would be too late, that does not mean He is subject to your timetable or mine. How blessed we are that He is not so confined, but works according to His perfect purposes.

Many were the plans in my heart--yours, too? But the LORD's purpose prevailed.(Psalm 19:21)--in my circumstances and in yours as well.

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  1. joy!
    of course that is the day she was conceived! that is so like God.
    He is Sovereign, we are not, and just when we forget HE IS, He lovingly, glorifying himslef reminds us!

    your story made me like Him even more!