Saturday, January 1, 2011


Not only is this the 200th post on this blog, but the first of 2011. Aaaa--pressure! I wish I could write something profound or funny or at least worth a glance and a moment of your time...

But I think I just want to say I hope I bring glory to God. In all things. In all ways. I hope my life is a fragrant offering. I hope I am making something lasting of the days He gives me. I hope I am making dents. I hope I am speaking truth. I hope I am pointing to Him.

And I hope it's happening through this blog.

If I have actually written 199 posts (woah!!) before this one, I hope they have been purposeful and full of truth. I hope they have been worthy, not worthless words (Jeremiah 15:19)! I hope that they have been what He intended them to be when He pressed them into my heart and poured them out of my typing fingers. Anything I've written has been fleshed out in me--words of encouragement or conviction--if I have written it, it's because I have needed to learn it myself. But I pray they've not just been for me but words of truth for others as well.

Love and blessings to you in 2011! Thanks for reading!

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