Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ever met anyone with this mentality?

I love Jesus. Which means I don't laugh. If you love Jesus too, you're not allowed to think anything is funny. My Heavenly mansion will be much sparklier than yours because I do not laugh.

Unfortunately, I have! And I can't say I agree. After all, He wove into us the longing to laugh, the ability to see things humorously. Not that all things that are considered funny are for us to take part in (obscenity and coarse joking are out of place for us as believers - Ephesians 5:4). But I grew up in a home full of laughter. Pure, joyous laughter! And to this day, it's dangerous for me to sit next to my best friend sometimes because we always tend to get the giggles. Shortly before I met my husband, I briefly dated someone with the "Laughter / Loving Jesus do not coincide" mentality, and in this absence of laughter I found how precious humor is to me. Thankfully, the man I ended up with definitely loves humor as well!

There are lots of things for which to be thankful--maybe things that seem to be more "spiritual" than laughter. But I think pure laughter is a delight in our Father's ears. And I am overwhelmingly grateful for the blessing of laughter!

Enjoy a little video clip that made me laugh this week. :)

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