Friday, December 3, 2010


There are times when my kids get in the car and don't even ask where we're going. They just buckle up, sit back and stare out the window.

Strange, huh? But it's like they just trust me to drive and end up somewhere.

I've been trying to live similarly--especially these days. It seems there are lots of question marks in lots of areas of life. Some seasons in life are more settled, some are brimming with potential change--seems like we're in the latter. And so we've been along for the ride--asking questions at times, but ultimately trusting our God to get us where we're going.

And at each stop, things are unfolding. It's like we've gotten a piece of the puzzle at each stop along the way. Do you know that one of your blog post comments was even one of the pieces? You just never know what God will use along the way to reveal where you're headed!

I won't say I never find myself hollering from the backseat, "Are we there yet?" or "Where are we going?"...I do! But over time there's grown more and more peace in just being still...

...and simply being along for the ride.

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