Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yep. Last week I drank twenty dollars of coke.

A gracious friend gave us the chance to go out to a fancy restaurant, and we were so excited. We had a lot of fun and ate fabulous food.

I'm not really a drinker so I just ordered a coke to drink. And throughout the dinner, two different men stopped by and casually asked if they could pour me some more soda. "Yes, please--thank you" I replied each time.

Now, they knew what I did not know--NO free refills. Aaaand the cokes were 6 dollars each (no price listed on the menu). We found this out when it was time to pay the bill. With tax and tip it came to over twenty dollars worth of coke.

Now, I am extraordinarily careful with our money. I weigh every purchase--even at the grocery store--really carefully. And because I coupon, I know I should never have to pay more than 79 cents for an entire 2-liter of coke. So the thought of shelling out twenty hard-earned dollars for soda really got to me.

The waiters never told me how much it was going to cost me, and I never thought to ask.

One of the waiters gave us his card at the end of the evening and said he would be happy to serve us again. Well, who wouldn't want to serve the crazy Coke girl?!? The guy made a couple bucks in tip just off my drink order!

I can't help but draw a parallel here. The enemy has operated in this exact same way in my life. I've been casually offered to partake of things that I think are innocent. And I've had no idea what it's all going to end up costing me eventually.
Oh, but he does. And he happily keeps bringing what he knows I am going to have to pay for.

Merciful Lord, let our eyes be wide open to perceive the one who seeks to trick us in this way. You are the One who gives freely and openly--when You give, it's not as the world gives, with ulterior motives. You give out of love, not out of desire to trick or ensnare us. Thank You Lord.

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