Wednesday, March 23, 2011


1. The fact that His kindness leads to repentance.
2. My husband's jokes and dry humor. I know the punchlines already, but the sparkle in his eyes as he tells them still cracks me up.
3. When my son says "We know You're our provider" during mealtime prayers. I want his life to be full of acknowledging the LORD.
4. My daughter's voice (which sounds like someone sucked in a bunch of helium. There's something chipmunk-y and tremendously sweet about it).
5. Hot cocoa with whipped cream and crushed candy canes sprinkled on top.
6. Any mention of California. Love me some Cali.
7. Quiet times by the Christmas tree, or outside early in the morning.
8. Affection. I grew up in a home where we'd often just stop as we were passing each other in the halls, hug each other, speak a word of love, and then keep going. When I moved to Boston several years ago, someone gave me a hug and it choked me up--because I realized I had not been hugged in over a month.
9. Oreos. Double-Stuff. Dipped in milk for 11 seconds to soften them juuuust enough. You can see I have this down to a science. Which is why I hardly ever buy Oreos.
10. Laughter. It feeds a very, very big part of me.
11. John Acuff's new book "Stuff Christians Like." Hi.lar.i.ous. I laughed outloud so many times, I lost count!
12. An out-of-the-blue word of blessing or encouragement. An unexpected "You came to mind today" and especially "I prayed for you."
13. Wearing sassy pink toenail polish.
14. Flip flops. I never really understood the "big whoop" about these things until I was pregnant and discovered their glorious comfort. I am often asked why I don't wear warmer shoes--and it's true--I wear flip flops about 350 days out of the year. Plus, they give me a chance to show off my sassy pink toenail polish!
15. When God speaks on the same thing repeatedly, but in different ways. That sermon that ties in with that in-passing comment someone said that ties in with that interview I heard on the way to work that all ties in with Scripture and the confirmation of peace from the Holy Spirit. Love it!
16. Bringing clarity to the Word.
17. Presenting the Word in a way that makes it stick.
18. Cooking just for fun, adding and tweaking to make the perfect recipe. You'll notice that baking did not make this list. How on earth can you simultaneously manage to burn AND undercook the same thing? Oh, but somehow I manage to!
19. Hearing "Mommy!!!!" when I pick my children up after I've been away from them. Oh, it's good stuff.
20. When my husband fixes something for free that we would've had to pay big bucks for someone else to fix.
21. Plush, green grass.
22. Long drives in the car--alone. Well, not entirely alone--They are some of my sweetest times of prayer and worship. When I was a single woman, I went out for a long drive almost every night. That was before gas was like 7 bucks a gallon! Every now and then I still get in a long prayer drive. Absolutely refreshes my soul.
23. A cleaned-out car. Yes, I love it...But the biggest reason this makes me smile is because I know it makes my husband happy.
24. Our small group. They have grown so dear to me and I genuinely light up inside when we're together.
25. Kelly, my "bestie." It is an indescribable blessing to know and be known. Today is actually our "Best Friend Day." We became friends this day 21 years ago. Such a commemoration is lost on some people but it is dear to us. She sent me a little necklace with the initials of my husband and two kids--and honestly, it is exactly what I would have chosen for myself. Amazing. Plus, the girl is flippin' hilarious!
26. Putting my hand on my children's heads. I love doing this. Right now my hand just kind of rests on their heads as they stand at my sides, but as they grown I won't be able to just rest my hands on their heads--I'll have to reach up to the tops of their heads!
27. Chocolate-covered almonds. Oh, I know I'm speaking to somebody!
28. Sunshine. It can be 20 degrees outside, but as long as the sun is shining, I'm a happy girl!
29. The fact that our God positions us for His glory, "for such a time as this."
30. Zumba!!!!
31. My siblings. Being away from them is tough, but it's just so easy to pick up where we left off when we are together! Truly, my home was a safe place with a lot of love and laughter. And the three of us appreciate that foundation in our current lives.
32. Having absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. Each of the four of us is a bit of a homebody. We spent most of our weekends at home simply resting together as a family. And it's fun to have the freedom to go and do, simply because we want to. An open day on the calendar makes me smile!!!
33. A full camera battery, room on my camera card, and capturing priceless moments in a picture!
34. Hymns. I grew up singing them and they are precious to me! The other day I heard "Christ the LORD is Risen Today" and thought of my Nana belting out this very song every Easter. I also have to laugh when I remember how my dad used to change the words while we sang in church, like singing "When we get home I'm going to have some of that leftover pizza" to the tune of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."
35. Successfully sneaking healthy stuff into my kids' food and watching them gobble it up. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!
36. Making memories and creating traditions. I'm doing it while I can because I don't know how many more years I'll be able to get away with painting Ailey's fingernails green while she's asleep and telling her the Leprechauns did it. But I want them to delight in Family Movie Night and Christmas traditions and Family Prayer Time and celebrating Christian Birthdays (Trev's was yesterday)!
37. Simplicity. I am truly happiest with the basics. I do not crave complication, nor thrive on being busy. I bloom where stillness is cultivated and wilt where it's not.
38. Discovering something new in a passage of Scripture I've read a dozen times. Loving the living and active Word of God for how relevant it is to you and to me today, right now, in these very circumstances.
39. Fellowship. Yes, I am absolutely an introvert--Love me some alone time. But fellowship is just so tremendously important, and I love being with people who know and love God.
40. A good dance-able song. I wonder at what age will I no longer feel the need to shake what my mama gave me when I hear a good song? I have not yet reached that age, I can tell you that!
41. When my husband uses his sweet name for me.
42. Running. Ha! I'm soooo kidding...
43. Seeing people get onboard with having a consistent quiet time with God. Very unfortunately, I think having an intentional, very deliberate, scheduled time with God on a daily basis is lost on so many believers. But if we believe that there's something to be gained from meeting with God, then shouldn't we reason that there's something to be missed if we don't? I'm just a tad passionate about this one. ;)
44. Frizz-free hair. You'll really only get this one if you too look like Diana Ross at the slightest exposure to humidity.
45. Being a girl. I love being a girl! I love the treasures of femininity.
46. When He moves mountains.
47. Seeing those little-by-little measures of growth in regards to fear of rejection and people-pleasing. There are times and instances when I know that something would have leveled me in the past, but standing in God confidence keeps me just that--standing.
48. Being in a place of utter and total dependence on God. I say that with a bit of mixed emotion because being in those places often means we have come to the end of ourselves, our resources, our ability to handle the situation, and that's so UNcomfortable. But there is no place sweeter!
49. Winning the "Pocket Lottery." Nothing like pulling your jacket out of the closet on the first chilly fall morning and finding a twenty in there!
50. Standing facing the ocean and considering the vastness of my God. He made it all, and he made me, too.

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