Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yesterday my daughter picked up this framed photo and was walking around looking at it. This was taken when Justin and I first started dating. I remember we'd taken the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard to have dinner that evening. Such a sweet memory! Those were the early days of the life we now share together.
After carrying this photo around for a few minutes, my daughter set it down onto my Bible that was sitting on the coffee table. "There you go!" she proclaimed.

I just took in the sight for a moment. I was struck by the image of me with my eventual husband resting upon the Word of God.

What a perfect foundation.

Because I think as believers, our common ground as husband and wife can become reduced to "Oh, yeah, we're both Christians." And while that's a really important place to start, what if there was more than that? What if the foundation of our marriage was not merely the fact that we both know Christ as our Savior--but that His very words from Proverbs to Song of Solomon to Ephesians were the basis for how we interact and speak and love?

I honestly can't think of a firmer foundation on which to base this whole "'Til death do us part" thing.

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