Saturday, March 5, 2011


The older of my two children can be trusted to stay in the house. I don't really have to worry about him walking out the front door and going a-wandering. He's old enough to get the fact that the safest place for him to be is within our four walls.

The younger of my two children can't be trusted to stay in the house. If we didn't approach the situation with the diligence we do, I'm sure she'd be halfway to California before we even noticed she was missing. This is where deadbolts and doorknob covers come in! She hasn't yet learned that it's unsafe for her to be outside these four walls.

I think the same has been true in my own walk with God. In my early years as a believer, I heard sermons about it being worth it to remain within His will, but I think a part of me was still skeptical. I mean, was it really so detrimental to venture outside and do my own thing in certain areas? I think it's simply been time--experience--maturing and growing up in Him--that has served to convince me more and more that truly the only place I even WANT to be is within the safety of His will.

But I still have a way to go.

I'm like 95% convinced, anyway. But that other 5% is the part of me that goes jiggling the door handle, trying to get out of the one place where I'm safe. But just as my children grow in understanding of where they are safe, I want nothing more than to grow in that same understanding.

The only safe place to be is within the freedom of His will. I know that with my head, and I want that truth to penetrate every place in my heart. Maybe in time I'll be 100% convinced--and hopefully long before I'm soaking my dentures and trying not to break a hip!

LORD, please let me grow in the grace and knowledge of You. Remind me of how worth it I've found it to walk in your ways, and how dissatisfying it was to pursue any other path.

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