Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's All About the Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere.

Today I was nodding off in the car on the way home from church. I think I'd just hit a wall of exhaustion. So I came home, turned a noisy fan on full blast, closed the blinds, pulled the covers up over my head and was out like a light within moments of hitting the pillow.

A few hours later, I awoke to hear Aila fussing about taking her nap, so I went into her room. She wanted a full water cup, her fan on, a teddy bear to hold, 4 kisses, and for her hair to be stroked. And once all of that was in place, she drifted off to sleep.

I'd created an atmosphere, first for myself and then for Aila, for sleep to be possible.

I found myself thinking back to being at church this morning. North Star Church is so very good at creating an atmosphere for worship. While some make worship some sort of "show," I'm grateful that I'm honestly unaware of what's even going on up front and am just mindful of my own time of proclaiming thanks and praise to my God. In a room full of hundreds, the time spent at His feet feels so personal and so intimate.

Made me wonder if I create an atmosphere of worship in our home...if the words we speak and the things that are seen make this a place where "worship" is not merely singing songs on Sunday morning, but the mark of our lives.

And to take it a step further--what about the atmosphere in my heart? Am I cultivating an atmosphere of worship, or am I filling my heart with junk that gets in the way of worship? Am I devouring the Word of God, or am I lapping up the offerings of entertainment news? Some days it's one, and the next day it's the other. Am I meditating on the One who made a way for all of humanity to be reconciled to Him, or is my heart cluttered with selfish desires that war against me? Again, some days it's one. Other days it's the other.

I truly want my life to an offering of worship. But that means I need to create an atmosphere conducive to worship. Clear out all the sin that so easily entangles...and make a way for worship.

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