Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wide-eyed. Terrified.

I took my 4-year old son and 2-year old daughter out to a Hibachi restaurant today--but it didn't go the way I had hoped. I was so excited--so sure they'd get such a kick out of it...
And maybe they would have if the chef hadn't started the show off with the most tremendously ginormous * fireball * that I have ever seen, just two feet from my children's sweet little faces!

Never in my life have I ever seen anyone actually trembling with fear, but poor Aila was literally shaking like a leaf. And Trevor's eyes got cartoonishly big, just wide with terror.

The problem was that the fear lingered long after the presumed threat was gone. While I was busy devouring my delicious teriyaki chicken, Trevor kept asking if we could leave, as his eyes darted around. He was so consumed with worry that something else would come out of left field. He couldn't enjoy anything more about the experience because he kept anticipating the next big, bad thing.

Fear truly is a thief, isn't it? It steals our joy and robs us of peace. We can't even live in the moment because we're terrified of what just might come out of left field. I find it timely that this happened today, because just yesterday I learned that there is one commandment that is uttered more than any other throughout the Word of God:


Fear not because He has overcome the world. Fear not because He is with you. Fear not because no weapon that's turned against you will prevail. Fear not because He is able to guard what He's entrusted to Him. Fear not because perfect love drives out fear.

Fear not.

What is your greatest fear? What thought consumes your mind so that you can't even be in the moment?

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