Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Over It

It's snowing right now in the Atlanta area. For the third time this season. And from what I'm hearing from the online community, the people around here are just kind of "over it."

But I'm not. I'm delighted. Falling snow is still a wondrous thing for this California-born-and-raised girl! Never once growing up did I get to have a snowball fight in my front yard or make snow angels with the kids down the street. But around here, it usually snows once a year, so it's neat when the snow falls, but not quite the miracle it is to those who have never known it to be that way.

I guess when something is new, the awe and the wonder are still there.

Like salvation. To the one who has occupied a church pew since I was 6, it's not something that takes my breath away as it should. I've heard countless times how Jesus' death on the cross completely wiped out my every offense and made a way for me to be restored to the Heavenly Father I've grieved. A truth that should have me face down in awe and wonder doesn't move me as it should. Of course I know it's amazing, and I'm thankful. But perhaps not awe-struck.

But I consider the ones to whom this beautiful truth is new--the ones who have only recently come to know redemption of their sins. They can't contain their joy, their thanks. For those who have gone without grace for so long, knowing the truth of salvation is a cup of cold water in a desert. Mercy is wondrous, and grace, awe-inspiring.

So as I go out and play in the snow today, I want to be mindful of the enormity and the wonder of what was done on my behalf to make me white as snow.

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  1. My dear, I'm sure you've had this suggested to you before, or have maybe even pondered it yourself, but you need to put all your blogposts into a sweet little "thoughts for mothers" devotion-style book! I just love how you take the simple things of everyday life, and distill spiritual truths from them! I'll be the first to buy a copy, if you autograph it for me! ;-)