Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last night I discovered something in Scripture. Maybe it's "common knowledge" to everyone else--maybe I've missed it all these years.

But I was flipping through and saw a chart that showed the lineage leading to Christ, and a name caught my eye:


Wait, Ruth's husband Boaz?

That's right.

But that was kind of a fluke thing--because Ruth already had a life elsewhere--including a husband. But then he died.


I cannot imagine losing a spouse. Makes me shudder to think. My own stepmother lost her husband to cancer when he was only 34.

In both cases, God had redemption in mind.

Ruth found favor with Boaz as he saw her service and devotion. They married, gave birth to Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David. As in David-and-Goliath-David, who grew to be King David, whose descendant was the King of Kings--JESUS.

Ruth ended up in the lineup.

After losing her husband, my stepmother worked with my dad, a divorcee' -- and they dated and eventually married. And as a result, a man and his two children began to go to church with their new family. And in a little Sunday School class, a six-year old girl gave her life to Christ. And while I know I'll never impact the world the way Jesus did (trust me, I dare not even draw the comparison), I want to spend my life impacting the world as much as I can with the truth Jesus brought.

Margaret Ruth (yes, that's my stepmom's name) ended up in a lineup--being part of something significant. God brought redemption through her loss, and if it only stopped here (which I don't believe for one second it will), her part in the lineup meant everything to a little girl in a Sunday School class, who is now a grown woman grateful for the grace God has given.

Ruth was positioned for the beautiful purposes of Mighty God.

Margaret Ruth was, too.

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