Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In the untensil drawer of my kitchen there is one item that is huge and menacing--the meat-tenderizing mallet. But I can take a tough cut of steak, and with a few hits with that thing, I end up with something tender.

The process is a rough one for that tough cut of meat, though.

Someone dear to me, whose heart is already more tender than most, is going through a "one-thing-after-another" onslaught of trial and testing. And, understandably, she's weary of being hit over and over again. But she still longs for the glory of God in it all. And yesterday she saw one of the ways in which He is faithfully working: Her heart is tendering all the more.

It stinks to get hit from every side. And in the midst of it, we can easily wonder what good could possibly come from it all. But our redeeming God uses every hit, every blow as a tool to tender our hearts. Because it's when our hearts are most tendered toward the things of God that He can most do a mighty work.

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