Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am a huge fan of Kevin James' "Sweat the Small Stuff" routine. I think it's so great because I can SO relate to so many of the bits!

One of my favorites is the one when he is trying to unlock his wife's car door from inside, but she keeps lifting the handle at the same time he presses the unlock button and they offset each other. And it happens over, and over, and over!

I thought of this one this week when I was caught in the same tug-of-war with my son. It'll about drive you batty to watch someone try to get into the car knowing you're trying to let them into the car, only what they're doing is only managing to delay the process!

A few months ago I wrote a similar post
("Click, Click, Click") about how my computer wasn't going quickly enough for me, and how I actually slowed the process by clicking on a million things just trying to make it do something.

When God brings the same lesson back around more than once, I consider it cause to sit up and pay attention. I'm just sitting here wondering if there is something the Lord is trying to accomplish--and in trying to "help God along" in the process, I am actually doing anything but. Now, Sarai tried to help God along by encouraging her husband to have a child with her maidservant. I'm not doing anything at all along those lines. But what if I am grabbing at some door handle somewhere when there's a God who just wants to let me into the car?

Please pray with me that Heavenly Father will bring to mind any way in which we're grabbing at door handles in our lives.

Father, You are sovereign and able and good. If there is any way in which I am trying to "help You along" or speed things up, bring them to my mind today and remind me that You are plenty faithful. Strengthen us to be still and to trust You enough to let go.

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