Wednesday, April 7, 2010


3:05. That's when I started the process of trying to print something to take with me to tutoring.
3:30. That's when I should have left the house to get to my tutoring session.
3:45. That's when I finally gave up on the print job and jumped in the car, knowing I'd be late for said tutoring session.

It's what happened in those 40 minutes that resonated with me. I started off waiting--drumming my fingers, looking through a magazine. But the longer I waited and the more it seemed that nothing was happening, the more frantic I became. I began click-click-clicking on everything in sight just to make something happen--to absolutely no avail. And then Justin said the words that stuck with me:

"You have to be patient with it because even though it doesn't look like it, it's in the process of doing what you need it to do. And clicking on everything just makes it worse."


I thought of Sarai (later, Sarah) in the Bible. God told her she would have a child. Yes, Sarai, even as an old woman, was going to have a child. I wonder how long she sat on that info until she jumped into action and began "clicking," so to speak. And by "clicking," I mean that she initiated her husband sleeping with her maidservant Hagar, thinking this is how she'd end up building her family.

Seemed right in her own eyes. But this "click" (understandably) led to jealousy, which led to Sarai mistreating Hagar, as well as the conception and birth of the very contentious Ishmael (Genesis 16).

Wow--that's a mighty big c l i c k .

And maybe you and I haven't done something of that magnitude, but when we're waiting for the promises of God to unfold, do we jump in and try to help speed the process along? Making that phone call instead of waiting on the Lord? Taking it upon ourselves instead of waiting for God to move? Pursuing opportunities we were never intended to, rather than being still and knowing that He is God?

Ooooh...Guilty. I'm a "clicker." And it's true--clicking messes things up.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; Do you not perceive it?" (Isaiah 43:19)

Nope, sometimes I honestly don't perceive it. But it doesn't mean You're not doing something. You are! So in Your grace, let my faith be sufficient to wait. And to refrain from the click-click-click.

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