Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can't Live Up on the Mountain

Today is the last day of Spring Break. And it has been glorious. GLORIOUS!

Sleeping in...Justin home...nowhere to be...midday naps...stillness. Ahhhhhhhh. One day I slept in, took three quick little cat naps, and still went to bed early. That is unheard of for me, but then again, there's not always a lot of time to rest around here!

I wish I could live in a permanent state of Spring Break-ness. But (very unfortunately) that's just not realistic. Instead, I can go forth out of this week, full of the rest, the "filling up" that took place over the past nine days. I can approach the impending hit-the-pavement-running days before me with peace because of what's taken place leading up to them.

In the same way, I could SO camp out atop the mountains in life. When I have those times of intense fellowship with the Lord, those moments when I so GET the fact that He is sovereign, those seasons when all is well and the skies are blue. There's a time for these things.

But there's a time to come down from the mountain, too. The church service ends, the retreat wraps up, and the "mountain top experience" draws to a close. Life on this earth is all about mountains and valleys. But thankfully, it's the refreshment we find atop the mountains that allow us to head back down into the valleys with our steps covered in peace. And we find ourselves in a brand new way looking for the Lord's hand in seemingly unspectacular stuff.

Sure, it will be a bummer to have the alarm go off in the morning; I've grown so accustomed to not hearing it every day! No, I can't live life as one unending Spring Break. But I'll enter this busy week with a rested soul and peace-covered steps--thanks to my time "up on the mountain."

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  1. My husband often uses the term, "Glory of the Grind". I'm not sure he coined it, but it's a good one!