Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Indelible Mark of Marriage

Nine years ago today, Justin Nelson put a ring on my finger. It was Easter Sunday, and he asked me to be his wife.

Three months later, he put a wedding ring on my finger. It had been his great-grandmother's ring--almost completely worn through on the bottom from years of wear, but beautiful, nonetheless. And I couldn't have been more honored to wear it.

The ring was already on the tight side when I got it, but then two kids and some "happy pounds" later, that ring felt like it was welded to my finger. I finally got it off and haven't put it back on since, because to size it up would require it to be built up on the underside (translation: Expensive).

I went for about a year wearing no ring at all (I'd just had Trevor and my engagement ring was a bit snug at the time, too), but that wedding ring had made such an impression on my finger that, even after months and months of no ring being there, there was still a very obvious "ring" etched onto my left ring finger. An indelible mark that never went away.

I feel that's what took place when I became Mrs. Thea Nelson--a branding into my soul of the word "joined." Joined to Justin in a permanent way. The vows we made to one another were written--in indelible ink--on my heart.

Our wedding passage from Scripture:

"Where you go, I will go,
where you stay, I will stay.
Your people will be my people
and your God, my God.
Where you die, I will die,
and there will I be buried.
And may the Lord deal with me,
be it ever so severely,
if anything but death
separates you from me."
Ruth 1:17-18

Lord, thank You for Justin. What You held in store for me still continues to amaze me. And thank You for putting a seal on my heart, an indelible guarantee of things to come. I love You.

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