Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Back in college I frequently went through a stack of photographs I'd collected from throughout my life. I had one from almost every year, and almost monthly I went through and declared God's faithfulness and hand over each season of my life. I haven't seen that stack of photographs in years, and life has gotten busy; Yet remembering His faithfulness is appropriate for those to whom He has been good.

You were faithful to preserve my life at my birth when the cord was wrapped around my neck three times and things were precarious.

You were faithful to protect me when I was a toddler and I wandered out of the house and was found unharmed on the corner of our street and Golden State Boulevard, the busiest street in town.

You were faithful in guarding my heart through the break-up of my family, and for pressing into my parents' hearts the need to deal with one another kindly and graciously.

You were faithful to bring redemption when Dad remarried an awesome woman who knows and loves You. And it spilled over onto us all. And I gained a sister.

You were faithful to draw me to You in my Sunday School class as a 6-year old. I remember everything about the moment when I prayed to receive You. You were faithful to forgive my sins--past, present, and future--and to grant me salvation.

You were faithful to command your angels concerning us to guard us when we were face to face with someone who intended to harm us.

You were faithful to comfort me with Your presence when I was terrified to sleep at night for pretty much all of 4th grade. YOU were there with me, and I knew it. It's what helped me through.

You were faithful to bring my best friend Kelly into my life. I feel like words are insufficient to describe the way that You've used her in my life.

You were faithful when I hurt a friend in junior high and suffered for three straight years for it. It shaped a lot of who I am and how I treat people now.

You were faithful when I was an idiot as a freshman. I ran barreling down a boy-crazy path and You ran along with me, establishing a mighty protection around me. It is nothing short of a God-ordained miracle that I came out as unscathed as I did--especially since I didn't even really care to be kept safe. Your protection of me was even annoying to me at the time. But I am so thankful you spared me of nearly all of what I would not want to have to look back on now!

You were faithful to welcome your prodigal daughter home on November 1, 1992. I knew You and was saved years before, but this became the day when I took Your hand and said, "I'm ready to walk with You."

You were faithful to protect me again as a young single woman, even though I found Your protection to be annoying once again. I wanted to date and find "The One" but sensed Your hand blocking my efforts. Those things weren't what You held for me quite yet. But instead, all that time You were faithfully keeping me for what You really did have in mind for me. And in the meantime You gave me the most rich, wonderful, fun, blessed single years I ever could have imagined.

You were faithful to provide that mixer. As well as a glimpse into Your heart and Your plans for me.

You were faithful to order my steps to Mount Hermon. And then to Boston.

You were faithful to lead me to Justin--and him to me. And finally there was this big "Oh! I finally get why You kept me from what I thought I wanted!" moment.

You were faithful in leading us to Atlanta. I won't lie--I didn't really want to go. But You've had things for us in store here--all for Your glory.

You were faithful in providing our son, the one for whom we prayed. What a tremendous gift, Lord.

You were faithful in making a way for me to be home for our family.

You were faithful to receive our second son in Heaven--we'll meet him one day.

You were faithful in giving us a daughter--an unexpected blessing. And again, what a tremendous gift.

And You are faithful now. In the season I'm currently in, You are sovereign, good, glorious and holy.


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  1. Hello, I am just catching up on my reading. You have such a wonderful gift of writing and I am so thankful to have found you. What an amazing and awesome God we serve. Thank Him you can look back & see His wonderful hand leading and directing you. Praise Him for His blessings big & small! I can relate to all those times too! Have a very blessed weekend!